fake Rolex Day-Date 40 ‘President’ watches


From the start the Rolex Day-Date was meant to be a successful merger between a functional sport-style watch and a prestigious men’s status item. Use of the Oyster case was a part of that – as well as Rolex’s famously dependable mechanical movement. What really benefits the Rolex Day-Date isn’t the fact that Rolex has been producing it since 1956, but rather that Rolex has continued to improve upon it since 1956. It goes without saying that the latest generation Day-Date 40 is the best Rolex has ever produced.

For a long time the  replica rolex Day-Date was a 36mm wide watches until Rolex introduced the 41mm wide Day-Date II. This model wasn’t as refined/proportioned as a Rolex watch might otherwise be, so Rolex decided to release the current model being the Day-Date 40. Introduced in this generation of models is a slew of important changes, quality upgrades, as well as the introduction of Rolex’s most modern generation of in-house movements being the calibre 32XX series. Specifically, the Day-Date contains the replica Rolex calibre 3255 automatic “Superlative Chronometer” movement watches .

Accurate to plus or minus two seconds per day, the movement is given both COSC Chronometer certification and tested in-house by Rolex to meet additional quality and performance standards.
The movement might not be the prettiest in the world (hidden by a screw-down caseback), but it is very well made. Operating at 4Hz, the 3255 has three days of power reserve and I found it to be extremely reliable. Complications include the time with central seconds, the date, and of course the day of the week window with the fully spelled out day. Both of the calendar discs instantly jump to their new position when the date changes at midnight. If you wanted to go up to a fancier luxury watch, then you might be getting more complication and more hand-decoration on the movement – but you really can’t find better performance than a Rolex 3255